Fair Weather Foe combines acoustic, electric and ambient textures to produce sonic landscapes.

Inspired by Radiohead, Muse, Sigur Ros, Elliot Smith, and Flaming Lips, these songs are the product of 10 years' work.


"Out of the Way" - Explores my reclusive method of creativity. Sometimes you have to get out of the way to let it happen.

"Whatever" - As a response, what does that word mean?

"How Would You Know If I Lied" - A cynical jab at disingenuous lyricism.

"Water Near The Bridge" - A grudge that never went away.

"Constant Random Motion" - Being inside a lava lamp.

"Private School Plaid" - A statement on forced child conformity.

"Pitch Black With Thunder" - A connection with a thunderstorm rolling in at night.

"Saw It In A Dream" - A dream that happened while being awake, while eyes closed.

"Wars That I Wage" - Observing the unfortunate ability to opine without holding back.

"Signal" - Dogs bark in the yard, just to let everyone know they are there.